Sonnex new test report for INMETRO certificate

Sonnex new test report for INMETRO certificate

  • 2021-12-17
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    Recently, Sonnex Energie has updated the test report for Inmetro certificate of Sonnex high efficiency PEX series 550W (SNX-D72HP-550M) and 605W (SNX-E60HP-605M) which are ideal choices for commercial and utility projects in Brazil. With large cells, the module performance is more reliable with less risks of hot-spot and it reduces the LCOE and BOS of whole project effectively. Sonnex Energie is offering up to 20 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty to ensure reliable performance in 30 years for better investment return.


    Sonnex Energie is expanding the international market further in 2021. South American market is one of the targeted markets we are exploring. After releasing 210mm cell modules, there are lots of inquiries from different markets. We are ready to support our partners in Brazil further with more reliable solar panels.


    Sonnex Energie, as a premium German solar module brand, will continue to develop the most reliable and highest efficiency solar modules for our partners.



    Sonnex Energie new step on PV inverters development

    As Sonnex Energie increases deliveries of solar modules to more markets, we keep developing more efficient and innovative solar products to improve system efficiency and serve our partners better.

    Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

    As Sonnex focuses on product development and high-quality solar module production, we are going to exhibit our latest tech solar modules at Solar Solutions exhibition (Booth No. G29) at Great Expo Amsterdam,

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