New choices on full black solar modules

New choices on full black solar modules

  • 2022-05-11
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    As the global renewable energy market booms, Sonnex Energie keeps developing higher efficiency and more reliable solar modules for the market. Sonnex Energie shingled cell full black solar modules received positive feedback from our partners due to the continuous improving on the performance and appearance. To meet more projects applications and requirements, we are glad to announce the new type of full black solar panels 400W SNX-E40HP-400M with 210mm solar cells and 400W with 182mm half-cell bifacial dual glass modules SNX-D54HPD-400M in Sonnex Energie PEX series solar modules are ready to be supplied to our global market. It is available in stock for fast delivery.


    Benelux solar market prefers full black modules to be installed in the residential projects. Sonnex uses same color solar cell to ensure the uniform appearance on one single solar panel to avoid color difference on solar panels. For the bifacial dual glass modules, except for residential projects, it can also be installed in commercial projects to receive extra performance from the back side. To reduce the risks on the connection fault among different components in the PV system, Sonnex Energie uses Staubli MC4 original connectors for more stable performance.   


    To ensure the investment return, Sonnex Energie offers 20 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty for back sheet full black solar panels 400W, and 30 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty for bifacial dual glass full black solar modules. As the technology and production changes from time to time, Sonnex Energie offers free spare modules for each delivery to back up the warranty and after sales service in case the same type of modules will not be produced in the future. End-users do not need to worry about the after sales service.  


    About Sonnex Energie: Sonnex Energie is a German brand solar module producer with more than 2GW annual capacity. It offers different technology to meet different project applications, including PEX series with PERC technology half cell back sheet modules and bifacial modules with the main power range 410W/545W/605W/655W and REX series with PERC shingled cell modules with the main power range 400-415W, as well as N-type modules with higher efficiency and less power degradation. Except European market, Sonnex is expanding international markets by delivering high quality solar modules to APAC market and African market.  



    Sonnex Energie new step on PV inverters development

    As Sonnex Energie increases deliveries of solar modules to more markets, we keep developing more efficient and innovative solar products to improve system efficiency and serve our partners better.

    Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

    As Sonnex focuses on product development and high-quality solar module production, we are going to exhibit our latest tech solar modules at Solar Solutions exhibition (Booth No. G29) at Great Expo Amsterdam,

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