Sonnex Energie Innovative Smart PV Modules

Sonnex Energie Innovative Smart PV Modules

  • 2023-06-28
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    Keeping developing new tech, more efficient and reliable solar modules, Sonnex Energie started to supply the PERC 405-415W smart modules by integrating taylor. optimizers from Netherland. 


    With the cell-string level integrated optimizers, Sonnex smart modules ensures up to 20% extra power performance and it improves the system efficiency and safety. 

    From system level

    Sonnex smart modules could be installed more flexibly on the roof with different orientations to maximize the PV output of the roof space. The output of solar project is affected by the weakest solar panel, possibly caused by unevenly dirty, leaf fall, bird droppings, snow or any shaded part on solar panels. Sonnex smart modules could solve such problems to ensure maximum output of the project. 

    Shading on part of the solar panel affects the string performance.  

    With micro-inverters or module level optimizers, it limits the affects on the shaded panel.

      Solar Panels without optimizer

    Solar Panels with micro-inverter or module level optimizer

    With cell-string optimizer, it minimizes affects to the next level. It optimizes the power per 1/6th of solar panel.  Sonnex Energie smart module could realize 20% more energy production as a result.

    Solar Panels with cell-string level optimizer

    Each solar panel performance can be monitored, and it ensures maximum investment return. 

    Sonnex smart modules has the function of overtemperature protection and module-level shut down, which lowers risks during the installation, maintenance and fire emergency.

    Sonnex smart module is compatible with 3rd party inverters and battery storage systems, which makes the installation choice be more flexible.

    Sonnex smart modules reduces the installation cost since the optimizer is integrated in the solar panels, and no extra installation or connection is needed.

    The optimizer is also replaceable for future maintenance and backed up with 25 years warranty.

    Next target of Sonnex Energie smart module is to combine Sonnex Energie N-type higher efficiency modules with cell-string optimizers. We believe that the innovative technology could support our partners in more projects and improve the investment return.  


    With more stringent quality control process and raw materials selection, Sonnex Energie is committed to offering more reliable and more efficient solar products for our partners. We believe that the partnerships with Taylor Technologies will enhance the advantages of Sonnex Energie solar products and we could make more contributions to a carbon neutral world. 



    Sonnex Energie new step on PV inverters development

    As Sonnex Energie increases deliveries of solar modules to more markets, we keep developing more efficient and innovative solar products to improve system efficiency and serve our partners better.

    Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

    As Sonnex focuses on product development and high-quality solar module production, we are going to exhibit our latest tech solar modules at Solar Solutions exhibition (Booth No. G29) at Great Expo Amsterdam,

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