Sonnex Premium Full Black Solar Panels

Sonnex Premium Full Black Solar Panels

  • 2022-09-22
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    Sonnex Energie full black solar panels are popular on the residential markets thanks to their uniform color, especially when installed on black roof tiles.  Starting from a strict selection of dark cells, Sonnex controls the consistency of the cell appearance from the beginning to the end of the production process. Throughout the different production steps we monitor and control the process in order to avoid the color differences between the cells. In order to ensure the reliable performance of our modules, Sonnex Energie module applies MC4 or EVO2 connectors and IP68 junction box for 30 years life guarantee, unlike many module suppliers who make use of MC4 compatible connectors for cost-cutting purposes.


    In full black modules, Sonnex Energie developed different choices, including:
    - 400W (1722x1134x30mm) SNX-D54HP-400M and SNXD54HPD-400M (bifacial) with 182mm half cells
    - 400W SNX-E40HP-400M (1754x1096x30mm) with 210mm 1/3 cells
    - 410W (1719x1140x30mm) full black SNX-C60SPF-400M series.
    On backsheet modules, Sonnex offers 20 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty, while for glass/glass bifacial modules, Sonnex offers no less than 30 years product warranty and 30 years power warranty, thanks to the strict quality control and the reliable performance of Sonnex solar panels.


    SONNEX Energie offers its solar modules in 3 different production technologies, including:
    - PERC technology (= PEX series), covering both backsheet modules and dual glass bifacial modules with the main power range 400-415W, 450-460W, 500W, 540-550W and 590-600W,
    - Shingled cell technology (= REX series) with the main power 400W to 415W and
    - N-type modules (= NEX series): in N-type technology there are 2 sub-types, being HJT technology with power range 380-395W, 465-475W and IBC technology with power range 385-395W and 415-430W. We can meet all requirements, depending on the different project applications.


    About Sonnex Energie: Sonnex is a German brand of solar modules. We have an annual capacity of over 2GW, spread over the different module technologies. With many years of experience and strong capabilities on solar module research and PV material engineering, Sonnex aims for a higher module efficiency, durability according to German quality standards and a reliable module performance. This is what our global partners deserve and count on.
    Sonnex Energie is contributing to build a greener world!



    Sonnex Energie new step on PV inverters development

    As Sonnex Energie increases deliveries of solar modules to more markets, we keep developing more efficient and innovative solar products to improve system efficiency and serve our partners better.

    Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

    As Sonnex focuses on product development and high-quality solar module production, we are going to exhibit our latest tech solar modules at Solar Solutions exhibition (Booth No. G29) at Great Expo Amsterdam,

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